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Threats to your data, reputation, and even your livelihood are increasing daily. Underworld crime forces have organized and expanded convenience to the point that now virtually anyone can launch an attack on your business’ digital presence, within minutes. Ransomware exists which can lock your data using virtually unbreakable encryption - not only halting your business activities, but potentially even destroying the ability to recover the information as well. Every endpoint of your computer network - your WiFi, your printers, your networked cameras, email, personal devices which access the business network, and even your customers, each of these can pose a potential threat to the success and continuation of your business.

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An Ounce of Prevention...

The best offense against modern threats is, simply put: prevention. Once your computer network has been compromised, it's often too late. Is installation of security patches a routine part of your business workflow? Do you have a plan of action to follow if a breach occurs? Have your employees been educated on best practices? Has your company had a network security audit in the last 12 months? Is your network traffic monitored, either autonomously or manually, for malicious activities?