Our Services

Our focus at Harmonium is to offload the headache, worry and hassle relating to the security and integrity of your practice data, HIPAA compliance from a cybersecurity standpoint, and PHI; in turn allowing you to focus on your core expertise. We do that by using a systematic approach, which we customize to the specific needs of your practice.

Technically speaking, we offer the following services:

Vulnerability Assessments:

If you’re unsure where to begin & how to improve your overall security, this is the best place to start. We will evaluate both your internal and external systems for vulnerabilities, and report them to you in a prioritized format. We’ll even work with your technical support team to formulate remediation strategies. We typically recommend conducting a vulnerability assessment once per calendar year.

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Penetration Testing:

If you think your systems are secure, but would like to know they’re secure, with your permission, we’ll act as a malicious attacker to determine what vulnerabilities exist in your systems. We’ll then issue you a report with our findings & recommendations.

Network Security Auditing:

If you are the subject of an HHS audit to determine your level of HIPAA compliance, we’ll be happy to help. However, keep in mind that simply maintaining current HIPAA compliance does not necessary imply that your PHI is secure, and could lead to future incidents. For a truly defensive security posture, either a vulnerability assessment or penetration test is recommended, at least annually.

Managed Security Service Provider:

Essentially, this service could include one or more of the above solutions, but also includes ongoing security management for your practice. Harmonium is available on a retainer basis to act as your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to assist with handling an incident, disaster recovery, crisis communication management, forming an incident response plan, training your staff on security best practices, identifying the best backup solution; provide automated vulnerability scanning, autonomous network traffic monitoring against malicious threats, or to create a similar customized solution to your specific needs.

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